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  Koradi Training Center Nagpur
Koradi Training Centre has undertaken development of E-Learning environment at all Power Stations of Mahagenco. Technical and other literature is to be made available to all engineers and other staff in electronic form. For ease of access and effective management, the literature is available to all the staff through an E-Learning local Web Site installed on the local LAN of the Power Station.
Hon. MD Mahagenco had instructed to provide literatures to staff of Mahagenco in electronic form, during his visit to Koradi Training Centre.
It is requested to take following steps to ensure usage of E-Learning Web Site by engineers and other staff in the Power Station:
  1. Appointment of an Administrator for the EL site from IT department: He will be ensuring registrations by all the staff in the EL site and will be reporting the progress in Planning meetings.
  2. All sections to appoint a Power User: He will be uploading literature of his section to the EL site. He may not be a FOST member or a senior person. He will be acting on behalf of Section Head. Please appoint an enthusiastic person having initiative, aptitude for computers and interested in literature.
  3. Please encourage the staff to write technical literature. The authors may be thanked and appreciated by calling them in Planning Meetings. ( Schemes for motivating the staff by rewards in cash or other forms are being proposed).
  4. Important Circulars of Power Plant concerning HR, Accounts Matters, ISO, Policy decisions & directives given in MORM, etc can be posted to the EL site and will be displayed on the Home Page. Please adopt this practice so that all staff will get access to all important circulars and they will also develop habit of visiting the Web Site.
The E-Learning local Web Site is to be maintained by IT sections and TSC staff. TSC staff should follow up for uploading of literature from various sections. IT staff will be attending technical issues in consultation with KTC. Shri S.V. Jalgaonkar EE and Shri A.K. Ghirnikar Dy.EE will be coordinating from KTC regarding the EL Web Site.
Chief Engineer (Trg.)