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  Koradi Training Center Nagpur
Event Analysis in Mahagenco

KTC and NTC have updated the new version of E-Learning Web Site at all Power Stations. The new version includes:

1. New Literature

2. Complete On Line TNA Functionality

3. Event Analysis

You already know about the Literature and TNA. aspects of the site.

There is a new Menu - Event Analysis.

On selecting this menu, Events & their analysis compiled by KTC can be viewed. In the E-Learning site, Select Eventà Event Search. In the Events page, if you click on the “View” button, all the events will be listed. Otherwise, you can apply any type of filter provided on the page to view events as per date, TPS, Event type etc.

Please try the Events Menu urgently on Top Priority.

You may contact A. K. Ghirnikar (08408889460) or Shri Vipin Dube (08380096543) anytime for resolving any problems.

Please note that Hon. MD, Mahagenco has directed Training Department to compile the Events and distribute the same to Power Stations.

TSC engineers should convey the status about functionality of Event Analysis part to KTC.